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About us


Freddy's Comfort Food aims to be a different experience with a unique timeline.

Its founders are out to bring back flavour to the city. At Freddy’s they would like to think that they make a positive impact on the city of Rotterdam where they operate. Pioneering in the upcoming trending food scene, drawing a diverse crowd, with a focus on creating and striving for enjoyment in food...

Holding a strong, consistent brand identity while embodying a sense of culture and lifestyle is what helped Freddy’s Comfort Food break through the old-fashion restaurant scene in Rotterdam. Independently owned and operated, Freddy’s Comfort Food
has now 2 locations in Rotterdam, with perhaps several additional planned openings in the near future.

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But who is Freddy? You might ask yourself...
Before Freddy's Comfort Food, there were
Freddy’s House Parties!

The parties resembled Rotterdam, they were wild & untamed. It was not uncommon for the police to ring the doorbells on the regular to see if everything was ‘’OK’’.


The same story seemed to work time & time again:

'It’s Freddy’s Birthday, we'll try to keep it down.' 

Nobody really knows who came up with the name. But it stuck, so when the time came to name the restaurant, it was a swift decision. 

It’s been a long vision to get here and we hope you’ll love the restaurant as

much as we do! Wish us luck!

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