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Wednesday Win(gs)!

Have you tried the Bottomless Wings Wednesday yet?

Only on Wednesdays we serve you unlimited wings & drinks of choice for 90 minutes! However, the BWW is only available at our location in the City Centre and we can only serve guests with a BWW reservation.

You can make this reservation by calling: +316 19 79 48 62
Or you could also send us a DM via Instagram! 

Of course, it's possible to make this reservation at the bar as well, for when you just spontaneously decide to visit! 


For more information or any other questions regarding BWW, give us a call, DM or ask any of your Freddy employees. Don't hesitate to ask!

See you next Wednesday!

What else does Freddy Events offer?

Besides the Bottomless Wings Wednesday, which is a weekly thing, Freddy Events includes a number of other things:


Freddy’s also delivers custom made orders.


We deliver to offices, birthdays, pretty much every occasion that requires some comfort food.


Send us a message at 

& we'll make it happen!


Freddy's kitchen likes to try out new things, which means being creative with special ingredients or flavours.

We came up with a spicy (but tasty) chicken marinade! So, a
re you down to challenge your friends & the rest of the world at the Freddy’s Spicy Wings Challenge?


Send us a message if you would like to attend this

Spicy Challenge Event at 

& we'll see you soon!



Freddy’s wants to make a positive impact on the city of Rotterdam.


We can do so by offering our space to creatives, artists, speakers, etc. This way they have a platform to stand on and we have a way to support them in whatever they do during these event nights!

Send uw a message at 

if you are someone or if you would like to suggest someone that could use this opportunity.


Would you like to message us regarding Freddy Events?

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